An open source web application meant to help manage & create invoices in a simple, straightforward way.

Installation guide


In case you plan to use the “recurring invoice” features, you need access to a scheduling application within your system (i.e. cron in Linux, or scheduled tasks in Windows).

Get the source

Download the tar.gz or zip package from the website and unpack it to a local folder of your choice or checkout the svn repository at

Put everything in its place

  • Upload the contents of the web folder to the document root of your web server (this is the folder where you usually upload your web pages). We will call this the sf_web_dir.
  • Upload everything else (apps, cache, config, data, doc, lib, log, plugins, symfony, test…) to another directory on your web server, but not inside sf_web_dir. Preferably on the parent directory of sf_web_dir. We will call this the sf_root_dir. If the cache and log directories do not exist create them and give them (cache and log only!) write permissions for the web server (the easy way: full rights, 777 in UNIX/Linux).

Filesystem permissions

The following directories need writing permissions for the web server:

  • sf_root_dir/cache
  • sf_web_dir/uploads

If you want that the installer could write the configuration files, give write permissions to the following files:

  • sf_root_dir/config/databases.yml
  • sf_web_dir/config.php

Run the installer application

Enter the url of your web server (i.e. in a browser and the installer application should appear. Follow the instructions on the installer.

Secure your installation

Remove write permissions to:

  • sf_root_dir/config/databases.yml
  • sf_web_dir/config.php

That’s it. Enjoy!

For a more detailed explanation see this link.