An open source web application meant to help manage & create invoices in a simple, straightforward way.

Siwapp 0.4.1 : new year’s gift

It’s been a few months since siwapp 0.4 came to light.

Keeping an eye on the users group has allowed us to quickly catch on some bugs. Fresh update for you to enjoy:

  • Estimates needing to be saved three times bug corrected
  • The default fonts are lighter than previous, also a wiki section on that topic updated.
  • some minor template glitchs corrected
  • error when deleting invoices corrected
  • error 500 when deleting customer fixed
  • added hungarian translation
  • customer name in cyrillic error corrected.


That’s pretty much it!! You the “usual suspects” know the drill. If you’re new, we’ve got a drill for you too…


So, go on, get your stuff and head for new year’s eve celebration afterwards. I wish you a lot of using the app for the next year,  ;-)


Happy new year to everyone, btw.


  1. Paul.LKW
    Posted 2012/01/01 at 12:42 | Permalink

    Dear jzarate:
    I just tried out 0.4.1 with new install and find major problem on “mod_rewrite”, It is surely this module is installed as I use VPS could see the console and has a checked with httpd -l and see;

    mod_rewrite.c <<—–

    it is not dynamic load module but is compile in to the core of the apache, and I already make "RewriteEngine on" in the apache config file, any way could I solve this could not install problem, Great Thanks and Happy New Year.

  2. Paul.LKW
    Posted 2012/01/01 at 15:44 | Permalink

    Dear jzarate:
    I finally sort out what the problem is, it is the Apache config file missing the below two lines cuased it will not calling .htaccess file, I hope it could help on other people on this issue

    AccessFileName .htaccess
    AllowOverride All

    My Case could be closed. Many Thx.
    Great PHP application dev. by you and your team.
    ^_^ …….Happy New Year……. ^_^

  3. Posted 2012/01/29 at 11:50 | Permalink

    I installed it and… error 500? someone can help me? thansk

  4. jzarate
    Posted 2012/01/29 at 19:41 | Permalink

    Lo instalaste sin problemas y ahora no puedes entrar? o no logras instalarlo?

    Lo primero es activar el debug:

    y así obtendrás mejores mensajes de error.

    Luego, apúntate al grupo siwapp-users y echa un vistazo por allá o pregunta directamente.

    un saludo

  5. Posted 2012/02/02 at 20:28 | Permalink

    Hola. La verdad es que tenía el e intenté actualizarlo sin éxito. Luego lo instalé con errores pero usé el install_dev, que me lo instaló correctamente. Ahora al entrar me da este error: The server returned a “500 Internal Server Error”.

    Something is broken
    Please e-mail us at [email] and let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Entonces ejecuto el archivo siwapp_dev y me dice lo siguiente:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/apps/siwapp/templates/layout.php on line 40

  6. jzarate
    Posted 2012/02/03 at 05:21 | Permalink

    Angel. Ese error es muy extraño. Lo único que se me ocurre es que , con el archivo siwapp_dev.php, hagas un logout y lugo un login.

    accede, con el siwapp_dev.php a la url /logout:

    y luego entra de nuevo con siwapp_dev.php

  7. Posted 2012/02/03 at 10:39 | Permalink

    Hola. Ya lo he hecho, ahora no me sale error ni nada, pero si accedo mediante login normal, sin siwapp_dev, me devuelve de nuevo el error 500

  8. jzarate
    Posted 2012/02/03 at 16:06 | Permalink

    Entonces entiendo que con siwapp_dev.php puedes acceder normalmente.

    Tu error tiene pinta de ser algo relacionado con el mod_rewrite.

    Has probado a acceder con ?

  9. Posted 2012/02/03 at 17:00 | Permalink

    Si, ya te digo que al entrar así me sale el error 500 que te he copiado antes. Pero si me funcionaba la 3.4.1, ¿por qué esta no?

  10. jzarate
    Posted 2012/02/03 at 17:08 | Permalink

    angel, ojalá supiera porque esta no te funciona y la 3.4.1 sí.

    De todas formas, no me queda claro qué es lo que te funciona y qué lo que no.

    de estas urls, te funciona alguna?

  11. Posted 2012/02/04 at 09:47 | Permalink

    sólo la _dev, pero dándome el error que te digo arriba,
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/apps/siwapp/templates/layout.php
    pero puedo trabajar con ella

  12. jzarate
    Posted 2012/02/04 at 23:52 | Permalink

    angel, intenta entrar en la configuracion, en el apartado de “modulos” activalos todos y guarda las preferencias. Luego, sales con logout y vuelves a entrar

  13. Janice Tai
    Posted 2012/02/09 at 10:58 | Permalink

    May i know how did i want to install it? After i’m upload all the file to my web hosting, and i try to log in to my website. it can’t load the web page.
    The error message as following
    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

    Is that anybody could help me?
    Thank you.

  14. jzarate
    Posted 2012/02/09 at 13:44 | Permalink


    I suggest you try reading the wiki first:

    and also you can search or post your question on the user group!forum/siwapp-users

  15. Posted 2012/02/11 at 13:03 | Permalink

    Hola, lo mismo. El error de siempre con todos los módulos activados:

    Oops! An Error Occurred

    The server returned a “500 Internal Server Error”.

    Something is broken
    Please e-mail us at [email] and let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
    What’s next

  16. jzarate
    Posted 2012/02/12 at 06:20 | Permalink

    Angel, hasta que resolvamos esto, todos lo tienes que hacer es a trav’es de la pagina siwapp_dev.php, el error 500 ese que te sale da muy poca informacion.

    de todas formas, te animo a que lleves la discusion al grupo de usuarios!forum/siwapp-users

    es muy dificil discutir esto a traves de los comentarios de blog

  17. loothi
    Posted 2012/02/18 at 19:20 | Permalink

    Is there a link to bugfixes in this release?

  18. loothi
    Posted 2012/02/18 at 21:10 | Permalink

    I am getting
    Your web server doesn’t support url rewriting. Please activate mod_rewrite module in your web server.

    To be sure, I put all the .htaccess directives into my virtual host conf, in a directory section… and reloaded apache2.

    Mod-rewrite should be loaded into apache2

    $ sudo a2enmod rewrite
    Module rewrite already enabled

    Where else should I look?

  19. Posted 2012/04/04 at 18:13 | Permalink


    ¿Es posible reinstalar siwapp sin perder configuraciones?

  20. jzarate
    Posted 2012/04/04 at 19:10 | Permalink

    Angel. Si es posible. Todas las configuraciones se guardan en la base de datos (en la tabla “settings”, para ser más exactos). Simplemente, cuando instales siwapp, no marques la casilla que dice “overwrite previous siwapp installation” (o su equivalente en español), en el paso 4. Te recomiendo que si tienes más dudas, las consultes en el grupo

  21. Posted 2012/09/06 at 13:28 | Permalink

    i got the same error: Your web server doesn’t support url rewriting. Please activate mod_rewrite module in your web server.

    where can i change my setting.,.please help me if nayine have solve these type of error. thanks in advance

  22. Caio Vinicius
    Posted 2012/10/02 at 13:33 | Permalink

    idea for new version.
    send e-mail automaticaly in generate recurring invoice.